Barbara Fisher brought the Waterways project to Canarsie in Autumn of 1981.
The publication of all the student poems was a vehicle to encourage reading
and also provided a keepsake for the many students found in the book.
Some did go on to achieve recognition in the greater world,
though not necessarily for their poetry.

In Search of a Song (volume 2)

In Search of a Song (volume 3)

In 1995 Waterways began publishing individual limited edition chapbooks for students attending NYC Alternative High Schools and Programs. By 2005, 982 books were published in the series.  Student authors received ten copies of their book. Class sets (25 copies) were given to their teacher. All publications were done without charge to schools and students.

Selected issues may be viewed from the following collections:

1 - 107
108 - 200
202 - 297
301 - 400
401 - 500
501 - 599
600 - 699

More Sample Issues

Liz Howort
Maria Uroos
Natalie Duckoff

Hester Dingle

Shamonn Rogers
Nihesha Simmons
Tiffany Griffin

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