Poetry in the Mainstream
2003 Themes
Deadlines & Guideline

2003 is our 24th year of publication.
Waterways, issued 11 times a year (monthly save for August), is co-edited by Richard Spiegel and Barbara Fisher.

For our monthly themes, we remember lines from the poetry of Albert Huffstickler (1927-2003).

Our monthly themes are as follows:

January, 2003 (deadline December 1, 2002):

But of course, just one small bird singing off somewhere unseen
or the sight of one pair of hips,
can change your whole perspective.
   from If I Should Wake Before I Die
   Waterways, November '96
   also published in Patchwork Poems, San Antonio TX, Oct 12, 1996.

February, 2003 (deadline January 1, 2003):

Gordy compared my working in the library
while my heart was really in poetry
to a bunch he knew in his home town
who worked in the shipyard
but who all owned little farms.
   from Crops
   Waterways, March '90

March, 2003 (deadline February 1, 2003):

The music vaguely echoes the Forties:
a saxophone content to muse over the melody
without drawing attention to itself -
a non-violent, philosophical saxophone.
   from Working on My Death Chant in the Hyde Park Bar and Grill
   Waterways, July '90
   also published in Aileron, Austin, TX, vol. 10, No. 1, 1989

April, 2003 (deadline March 1, 2003):

Maybe there are just too many acts of love
that aren't acts of friendship.
   from What Friends Are For
   Waterways Nov. '91

May, 2003 (deadline April 1, 2003):

And every time you come to a diner
just stop and have yourself a cup
of coffee and write a poem.
   from The Lost Diner
   Waterways, April '90

June, 2003 (deadline May 1, 2003):

The other day, my toaster told me,
"You need to get your act together. You're losing it."
   from Good News and Bad News
   Waterways, May 2000

July, 2003 (deadline June 1, 2003):

My father's fears
follow me like my own.
I don't even know
they're not mine
till, trying to move them,
I discover inside me
a small boy clinging to them
with all the love and loyalty and desperation
that only small boys
seem able to muster.
   from My Father's Fears
   Waterways July '91

September, 2003 (deadline August 1, 2003):

So you walk along looking at the ground, following an invisible trail
down streets, up alleys, across parking lots and on,
moving with that patient, solemn shuffle
that's the universal gait of the poor man --
eyes on the ground, that little piece of ground right in front of his feet,
the only piece of earth in this whole world
he can call his own.
   from Looking at the Ground
   Waterways, January '92

October, 2003 (deadline September 1, 2003):

It seems to me that,
paralleling the paths of action, devotion, etc.,
there is a path called Art
   from The Way of Art
   Waterways, April '90

November, 2003 (deadline October 1, 2003):

We need to stop protecting each other
from ourselves.
We need to trust that deepest
most delicate part of all,
knowing it will survive,
given the chance,
everything - even us.
   from Apology to Robin
   Waterways, April '91

December, 2003 (deadline November 1, 2003)

It would be nice
to love one more woman
in that way that's more
starlight than fact,
that is like snow falling
inside your heart.
   from Notes for a Death Chant
   Waterways, February '91

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