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Published by The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players, Inc.
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NYC Public Schools,
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The NYS Council on the Arts' Empire State Partnership.

Barbara Fisher & Richard A. Spiegel, Co-editors
A. Thomas Perry, Administrative Assistant

Richard Organisciak, Superintendent
Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs

Rene Anaya, Paula Aptaker, Paul Auerbach, Lacy Austin, Norman Benjamin, Denise C. Bergstrom, Iris Borek, Lynn Boyle, Charles Brandwein, J.A. Brathwaite, Gail Butler, Jane Califf, Sal Canale, Judith Caputo, Mary Ann Cornell, John Curtis, Dominick Delsante, Mary Donnellan, Helene Donnelly, Christine Dooley, Paul Douglas, Nina Morris Farber, Chantal Firstman, Marie Genuard, Jack Giordano, David Glick, George Goldschlag, Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein, Maura Gouck, Millie Grant, Ellen Greenberg, Tzione Halali, Tanya Haynes, Chris Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Roslyn Kaye, Ronald G. King, Bernard Kramer, Lucy Keummerle, Builder Levy, Bernard Locke, Miriam Lock, Luzmila Machado, David Marrero, Joan Martinez, Cosbie Mbele, Max Mendes, Monique Miller, Patti Myers, Alicia Perez, Arthur Phillips, Mike Quinn, Kissoonlall Ramkaran, Leila Riley, Rodolfo Rodriguez, César Roquez, Judith Rosenbaum, Paul Rotondo, Jocelyn Santana, Yasmin Schneider, Anthony Schwab, Jonathan Shapiro, Katherine Simpson, Madeline Slovenz-Low, Arnie Smith, Gail Tuch, Cathy Spellman Zaccor, Rose Ziti

School faculty members encouraging, recognizing
and publishing student expression


Break of light! Sun in his colors,
streaming into our lives.
This artist dreams of the sun, the sun, the children of the sun.

Muriel Rukeyser
"The Sun-Artist"
The Gates (1976)


Louise Joan Andrews, Molly Barker, Diane Burns, Enid Dame, Fielding Dawson, Hector Henry, Magdalena Gomez, Ben Jacobs, Kenneth Johnson, Matthew Jones, Ellen Aug Lytle, Michael Mao, Dennis Nurkse, Pedro Pietri, Virginia Scott, Frank Stearns

Poets, Artists and Performers working with students

Artwork by Victor Costa was created while attending classes taught by graphic artist and author, J.A. Brathwaite.

All other student artwork in Streams 12 was created by students attending workshops taught by artist in residence, Molly Barker.

Streams has been selected by the young adult librarians at the New York Public Library as a recommended book for the teen age reader for nine consecutive years.

The Waterways Project is a program of Ten Penny Players, Inc.
a NYS chartered not for profit 501c3 corporation.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Send Your Message

Jazz Light by Latoya Welch
Just Listen to Her Voice by Idelfonso Espinal
Little Poetry by Maggie Kourounis
What If . . . by Stanley Stokes
One Day by Sheena Ellington
Mañanitas by Minerva Tejada
Sounds by William Patton
Poetry Is Still The Same by Denise Santiago
Crumbling Down by Patrick Vassell
I Wonder by Roy Gray
I Used To Think by Shakenia Garlick
What Did I Do Wrong? by Bridgette Cameron
My Time Past by Angel Robles
Life by Edward Rivera
Live Or Stay by Natalie Duckoff
As Long As Forever by S.J.


Part 2: Every Thing Around Us

A Bus Ride by Andrea H. Williams
Trip by Rachel James
Who Are We? by Robert Michael Buckley
Neighbors by Estelle Star Calderon
Ian Strickland
Projects by David Ceballos
In My Neighborhood by Fernando Price
The Kitchen Floor by Johnny Jackson
Life Struggles by Tyrone Garvin
Taking A Walk To The Park by Vanessa Pierre
Emmanuel Coleman
25 to Life by Brenden Henderson
Alone by Big Ant
Subway by Josh Orentlicher
Guatemala Poem by Marjorie Morraz
Mi Querida Tierra by Francina Tejada
Curly Hair by Jenna Muller
My Sister by Tracia Prescod
A Journey In High School by Courtney Rhino
Good Father by Ophelia Achiaa
Angel Ruiz
Anthony Jay Warrington by Paul W. Bryan
Casting by Issa K. Lide
Boxing by Antonia Foster
My Job At JASA by Jonathan Shapiro
My Favorite Teacher by Gabriel Vega
Eunice Walters
Every Thing Was Off by Zandrena Budhoo

Part 3: Tears Of Pity

Mara Zimmermann
Confused by Latasha Lee
A Love Mistake by Sandra Rodriguez
Questions by Rasheen Flowers
Pain by Davon Dennis
I See The Light by Russel White
Special Day by LeiLani Almeida
Stephanie Maldonado
Pain by Grisel Feliz
Ira Pearson
Why Do We Do So Many Things Wrong? by Shan
Stressed by LR
Anger by Nena
Mother and Son by Rosa Edwards
Calamity Me by Joseph Wilson
Bad News by Bobby Jones
Anger by Tynisha Gott
To Whom It May Concern by Sha-Eisha Watkins


Part 4: There Are Other Ways

There Is Another Way by Daniel Soto
Dream Loss by Kanhai John
Love by Ricardo Brown
School by Adrian Marche
Expressing Myself by Pedro Quinones
Through My Window by Maria Uroos
Heavens In You by Eddie Rivera
Victor Cordova
Eating Healthy In The 90's by P. McLean
My First Visit by Joy Bogart
Friend by Hector L. Cedeno
Life Or Art? by Victor Corporan
Tropical Islands Around Me by Donald Groom
Your Troubles Can Be Lifted by Ada Hernandez
When I Grew Up by Monica J. Montanez
Cause I'm Free by Rachel Sirak
Keep Your Eyez On The Prize by Mimi Woods
Changing My Life Around by Darnell Smith
Dreams by Antonia Sarris
R.I.P. Uncle Carl by Dwight Keaton
Crystal Lee Hernandez
Cherline Desir by RoodyDesir


Part 5: Just Words

Love And Words by Nancy Lee Pabón
Dungeon by Williamson Jean Felix
Nobody Knows by Paul Crowder
War And Peace by Rosetta Mensah
Fears by Melissa Temple
Why? by Shaquana Bryant
It Feels Good To Escape by Saleen Neal
Me by Lori Ann Toro
Death Mask by Amy Michelle Ortiz
Second Chance by Lucille Cook
Carmen Ramos
Death by Edward Foster
Moonlight Shadow by Francina Tejada
Sweet Sixteen by Jessica DeSince
Who We Are? by Eric Bonner
What Is Poetry? by Sahir Mendez
My Balloon by Mignette L. Henry


Part 6: Look At The Rose

The Lost Soul by Caryleteet Candelario
Karla Rivera
Mirror by Gloria Udaze
Double Mirrors by Damian Walls
The Tree by Duane Brereton
My Desired Eulogy by Everton Elliot
Slats by Sena Marzan
Turning by Ebony Parker
Seasons Turn by Liz Howort
Life Everlasting by Sheree Nicole Johnson
Just Another Day by Patrick J. Salvador
Who Am I? by D.K.
Claudia Cortez
No Place Like Home by Margarita Perez
Wild Fires by Loren Luna
Stone Is by VTC at Bronx Community College
Grown by Mario Ruiz
The Transformation by Crystal Greene
Mirror Image by Julian Simmons
That Heavenly Flower by Vanessa Ferril
Beyond My Window by Shenell Butts
Thoughts on Poetry by Dany Peña
My Universe by Lamont Wilson


Part 7: Ahab On The Beach

Scene I: On The Mean Streets
Scene II: Leave-Takings
Scene III by Therese P. Okoumou


Art Work

Mark Prospere
Cindy Hall
Victor Costa
Duane Brereton
Robert Stuart
Miguel Cort
Frank Burrowes
Anthony Lewis
Elleston Stennett
Eric Wright
Garfield Graham
Chavaunna Marriott
Ronald Davidson
Marie Douyon
Craig Scott
Dave Serrano