Students had four questions to answer:

(1) What did you learn from the Picture Book experience?  
 “I learned that you can take anything and make it into something.”
“That you can also speak your mind in a picture instead of words.”
“I learned that my talent was acceptable.”

(2) What made this program enjoyable?
 “This program was enjoyable cause it help you focus on something other that doing time and getting into fights.”
“The fact that I could see my art work published.”
“Expressing your feelings in a positive way.”

(3) How did picture books ‘effect’ your writing and/or self esteem?
“Porque Ms. Shaheed me enseno a escribir en Ingles.”
“By making me want to learn even more and go to college.”
“It helps me write better essay for my GED.”

(4) How will you continue to practice what you have learned?
“Think about what I want in life and go for it.”  
“I will make a whole chapbook about the beauty of birds.”
 “By going to college.”