Gabriella Adams
Rainy Day

Tear drops falling from the sky
Watching the scary faces go by
One by one I see the emotions dropping from the dark sky,
I stand silent collecting my tainted thoughts
What’s wrong with me?
I feel numb inside and stand still as the faces press against my bare flesh
As I look into the sky, draining my feelings away
Motionless, fearless, I could just jump away into the darkness
Hearing the distant voices of kids running around enjoying their time and existence
I feel like a window of dreams...    anything’s possible
Anyone can be seen in my field of openness
This is what I feel and this is what I see
The moods of existence are somewhat confused on this dreary day
My mind is unwinding through time
Standing here once again I hear silence, no words only thoughts of brighter day
As I stand here with you once again we live for the moment, thirst for life
As we drink from the sky and sigh