William Griggs
killing the pain hurting the heart

How do u tell her you don’t want her no more?
How do you not melt from the warm hug at the door and the loving kiss on your cheek?
You start to feel weak.
It hurts when you speak.
You’re in too deep,
But it’s just a little past a week
and she's so sweet.
But I’m an ass and I know I’m a jerk, too.
I’m a whore for sure and don’t want to hurt you
For you I’d die and I know it be worth it too
And since dying once is not enough for u I’d die two deaths
And with my last breath tell I love u and you’re the best
Ask me again and I’ll tell u yes
And it’s like Cupid shot me in the side of my chest
Which side?  Well, it was the left,
the side where I hold my heart under my vest.
It felt like this cause I want you, but I also want a life free of stress.
I already know I’m falling for you.
At night in my dreams some times I find myself calling for you, crawling for you,
Girl, I’d put my all in for you,
sticks and stones against gunz brawling for you,
with my last dime call myself balling for you.
I’d say I’m sorry for getting close but I know it’d be wrong
‘cause I’ve been searching for a lady like you for so long
and if I ever hurt you that would be worse,
I’d rather be stripped and tossed in a hearse
And the truth is I never knew I loved u then,
And I never thought about being your lover man,
or any thing else but being your friend
but now its cotton candy soft dreams of holding your hand, walking thru Candy Land.