Marilyn Velez
My First Time I Got Pink Eye

The first time I got pink eye I was scared.  My eye was hurting me.  I had thick yellow mucus coming out of my eye and my eye was very itchy and dry.  It was burning every time I looked to move my eye. Then it spread to my other eye.
It felt like it was never going to go away. I had it for a week.  I had to take some eye drops for it.  
Then I found out that the way I got it was from a lady at my job which is at Eger Nursing Home.  The people at work did not tell me the resident had pink eye and she kept holding my hand one day at work and then I had rubbed my eye.
I wish I would have known she had it because then I wouldn’t have had to worry about it.
The lady is a nice little sister (nun).  From that day on I am very careful about washing my hands all the time before I touch any part of my body or any one else so no one else can catch anything because I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through the same thing I did.