Gabriella Adams
The End

I’m left confused in a trance, no words are spoken the time has come, no more romance...  
My love has been put on hold for the time being.  
Do you see what I’m seeing?
I gasp my last breath in fear of what will happen next.
The grief and heartache have rested upon my soul once again...
Is this the end? or is it only the beginning?
I don’t wanna believe it but I feel it coming.
The dark demons have risen above the surface to take the pain away and bring us to the other side where there are no feelings, there is no hurt, there is no life it’s just you and yourself, no strings attached...
Life is my cryptonite as it is yours, too.
The shadows are coming...
What do I do?
Should I run down this dark road into a new field of existence?
This journey through life is too painful for me.
It kind of makes me shiver as I move through the experiences my body starts to quiver...
No time is left...  My secrets are kept
The eyes are watching my thoughts as I continue to run through this hell to the other side.
I’m almost there but do I dare to let the darkness take me away?
I’m scared but the voices tell me that it will be okay.  They say it’s only your destiny to be with us for all eternity...
Ok?  You’re here to stay.