Marilyn Velez
Bad Birthday

It was October 29, 2002.  I thought it was going to be a good day that day because it was my birthday.  I woke up and did my hair.  It came out really good.  
Then I got my little sister ready for school.  We wore the same shirt (but in different colors) and the same black pants. She was happy to wear the same things as me because she thinks we look like twins.  Then off she went to school.  
I was finally ready, had make-up on, some perfume all dressed up, afterall it was my birthday.
I then went to go visit my little brother in jail.  That was the main thing I had planned to do that day.  
So off I went to take the S74 bus to the ferry.  Then I got to the ferry and rode the ferry to the Manhattan side which is called the South Ferry.  I then got on the 4 train and then I found out when I got to 125th Street the tracks were being worked on.  So I had to wait 3 hours for them to finish.  I was so upset because I was cold, freezing, and just wanted to see my brother.  By the time I got to my brother visiting hours were over.  
So I went to my boyfriend’s house to go hangout with him for a while.  He was going out on a boat fishing and wanted me to go.  But, I could not, because I was supposed to be home in time for dinner.  So I only spent an hour with him.  Finally I left his house.
I had to take the shuttle train to the A train; and then to the 4 or 5 train.  After that I got back on the ferry and then took the S74 bus.  
Then I was home.  I was even more upset when I got home because I just missed my mom and my sister by 5 minutes.  They had just left to my mother’s boyfriend’s house.  So I spend the rest of the night in my room crying and so upset.
A while later, my brother called me and told me that they had moved him from Bridges (which is where he was) and they put him in a place called Pyramid.  I was then a little more happy because I got to hear from him on my birthday.
He was the only one that talked to me to wish me a happy birthday on the phone.  The rest of my family forgot and called me the next day.  If I would have gotten to my brother that day I would have never seen him.  After all that, I went to sleep.