From 1990-9, The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players published annual anthologies of poetry by Staten Island student poets; one book for young adults (grades 7-12) and another for children (k-6).  The themes for the Bibliomania series included: books, friendship, neighborhoods, food, music, plays, "practice makes perfect" and water.

Each spring, Waterways invited the students published in Bibliomania to participate in two poetry readings (one for children and another for young adults) at a Staten Island branch of the New York Public Library.  The library invited guest authors to each reading. Videotapes of the readings were made and edited for showing on a local public access cable channel.

Bibliomania Publications
The "Children" and "Young Adult" labels are based on library classification.  Those attending elementary school are "children" while those attending intemediate through high school are "young adults".
1991 "Books and Poetry" (children)
1994 "Friendship" (children)
1997 "The Play's The Thing" (children)
1991 "Books and Poetry" (young adults)
1994 "Friendship" (young adults)
1997 "The Play's The Thing" (young adults)
1992 "Water All Around Us" (children)
1995 "Food" (children)
1998 "Fear and Trembling" (children)
1992 "Water All Around Us" (young adults)
1995 "Food" (young adults)
1998 "Fear and Trembling" (young adults)
1993 "Neighborhoods" (children)
1996 "Music Play On" (children)
1999 "Practice Makes Perfect" (children)
1993 "Neighborhoods" (young adults)
1996 "Music Play On" (young adults)
1999 "Practice Makes Perfect" (young adults)

Bibliomania Videos

1991 Children read Poetry and A. M. Homes
1991 Paul Zindel at Bibliomania 1
1991 Young Adults reading
1991 The Poet a Celebration of Life

"Books" by Melissa Mallen 1991

The Waterways Project  of Ten Penny Players Bibliomania publications and programs were supported in part by The New York Public Library, The New York State Council on the Arts, Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs.

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