The fountain boy spits from his mouth
his stage is just a cloud of smoke
Inside his body his lungs start to crack
his bones are scattered in the ashes.

The stone boy is on fire, the flames
become an illusion. I dream and dream
of wonderful places - will you take me

Something is stopping me, a wall made of
people -people I live with, people I sleep
with, people my everyday life.

Stop the smiling, keep the
vandalism - It’s all over anyway.

Can’t see where I’m going
if you’re covering my eyes
Another lit path is blocked off
Anything can stop me now, but it
won’t help.

I light the candles and the
flame is black, I can’t notice
‘cause I’m playing back.  Gotta cause
you hurt and a little damage, but
nothing can make you stop...
It’s all over.