Through My Window
Through my window
I feel like I am special
‘cause I have seen a lot of stars
more than anybody has ever seen.
I could see another world
the world I have never seen
All the way up on the thirty-fifth floor
I could see Central Park
covered with whipped cream
or yellow dressing
I feel great
The moon comes close to me but
the world downstairs goes further away
It is so unusual
All the stars, moon, sun, clouds and planets
are like kids - and the sky is their mother
If they don’t show up the skies look so dull
through my window
Once upon a time
there was a girl
who always slept in a
fantasy world.
One day she woke up
and she realized that
it was over, it was gone.
She was happy, and
she knew that life was
going to be better -
no stresses, no depression.
She new she would never
fall in love
at least not in high school.
She saw couples
always together.
She was jealous to see that
but then she knew that
She would never go to sleep.