Volume 34


Bentley, RosanneThe Yellow Steamroller424October, 2013
Cassara, Carol A.City of Spirits133June, 2013
Catlin, AlanThe Bird Lady of Block circa 1930117June, 2013
Catlin, AlanCats in Paris119June, 2013
Catlin, AlanDeer at first light417October, 2013
Chorlton, DavidHappiness129June, 2013
Chorlton, DavidThe Lost Teacher420October, 2013
Chorlton, DavidDisturbing the Peace513November, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamThe Little Motorcyclist425October, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamIn the Underground of Sea and Time428October, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamThe Fabulous Lives of the Old and Broken520November, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamMistress of the Winds619December, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamThe Little Motorcyclist621December, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamIn The Rest Home716January, 2014
Corner Clarke, WilliamSensation817February, 2014
Corner Clarke, WilliamThe Iron Mask96March, 2014
Corner Clarke, WilliamExpatriate98March, 2014
Corner Clarke, WilliamNew Life1024April, 2014
Crook, SethAre You Beautiful18June, 2013
Crook, SethDingle Starry25July, 2013
Crook, SethReaching330September, 2013
Crook, SethMinds of Different Colours47October, 2013
Crook, SethWhere are their eyes?54November, 2013
Crook, SethQueue635December, 2013
Crook, SethSleeping between two women ought to be636December, 2013
Crook, SethWhat? Now?79January, 2014
Crook, SethThe Way of the Toe84February, 2014
Crook, SethThe Difference86February, 2014
Crook, SethThough the women go88February, 2014
Emmanuel, LennyAt a Stop Light827February, 2014
Erickson, Mary BelardiLess a key331September, 2013
Erickson, Mary BelardiMeeting on Riverside527November, 2013
Erickson, Mary BelardiNo Electric Jive529November, 2013
Erickson, Mary BelardiUnion City, 1971722January, 2014
Erickson, Mary BelardiA Matrix Film928March, 2014
Erickson, Mary BelardiReeling in Wilds1034April, 2014
Evans, LeeWe Are But For A Moment823February, 2014
Harrison, DawnellThe decision124June, 2013
Harrison, DawnellShine310September, 2013
Held, GeorgeMoon in Well139June, 2013
Hogan, WayneThe Moon111June, 2013
Hogan, WayneThis Is Not 'The Waste Land' And It's Not For Ezra Pound…113June, 2013
Hogan, WayneA Cow Named Cam-Moo223July, 2013
Hogan, WaynePhilosophy for a Dog38September, 2013
Hogan, WayneIf an artist…414October, 2013
Hogan, WayneThen There Was Talk526November, 2013
Hogan, WayneJust Another Wonder of the World624December, 2013
Hogan, WayneAnd Thusly625December, 2013
Hogan, WayneShe718January, 2014
Hogan, WayneThe Word and I720January, 2014
Hogan, WayneOld People Making Oatmeal818February, 2014
Hogan, Waynea possum's not913March, 2014
Hogan, WayneThe Shadows914March, 2014
Hogan, WayneThe Silence916March, 2014
Hogan, WayneThe Teetoltaling Baptist and the Rebuffed Comanche…1028April, 2014
Hogan, WayneIn the Shadows with Trees1030April, 2014
Hogan, WayneAlabaster1123May, 2014
Hogan, WayneFrom My Field Notes1124May, 2014
Hogan, WayneThe Meaning of Life as the Bantam Rooster Sees It1125May, 2014
Johnson, J. ChesterA Place of Order115June, 2013
Kelly, Patriciamoon of long nights the small victory of a haiku524November, 2013
Kelly, Patriciahe struts around628December, 2013
Kelly, PatriciaSome Things629December, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonAbstract on a Hot Day135June, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonThe Pedant's Portrait136June, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonGreat Aunt Maggie Took This Out of Focus Photo137June, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonThe Rocking Chair Brigade222July, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonSituations325September, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonAnother Conversation in Order to Forget Something Else518November, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonOn the Blue Train519November, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonStreet Scene626December, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonA Thought on Meeting Three Chums Ubiquitously627December, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonOur Mary714January, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonA Delicate Timing, Love820February, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonThe Scene Is Marietta's918March, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonAll the Immensities1022April, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonBunting, a Bird1128May, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonFlamingo1129May, 2014
Kempher, Ruth MoonThe Tavern's Dark Garden1131May, 2014
Kincaid, Joan PaynePossibilities19June, 2013
Kincaid, Joan PayneFour Views of a Man With a Mustache327September, 2013
Kincaid, Joan PayneThis Is Unfathomable432October, 2013
Kincaid, Joan PayneAbstraction434October, 2013
Kincaid, Joan PayneSometimes You Think You Can510November, 2013
Kincaid, Joan PayneA Woman813February, 2014
Kincaid, Joan Paynewe're here observing116May, 2014
Knight, Arthur WinfieldThe Last Rose of Summer534November, 2013
Knight, KitFinal Directions214July, 2013
Knight, KitThe Empty Slippers531November, 2013
Knight, KitMissing Little Things612December, 2013
Knight, KitThree Anniversaries830February, 2014
Laforce, MoniqueThe master of the game has said: Freeze138June, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueThe nights in the city226July, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueThe sold generation36September, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueYou dance on…412October, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueThose were the times55November, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueHopscotch633December, 2013
Laforce, MoniqueTwo departures89February, 2014
Laforce, MoniqueWho dreamed the feater and the cause? The silent story109April, 2014
Laforce, MoniqueThe first that I could recollect Emily Dickinson1137May, 2014
Lev, DonaldThe Chatter824February, 2014
Lev, DonaldLoyalty1012April, 2014
Lev, DonaldCrow118May, 2014
Lifshin, LynShe Said She Couldn't See to Walk Easily631December, 2013
Lifshin, LynWhen She Heard the Man821February, 2014
Lifshin, LynEven Deeper in Maple Leaves911March, 2014
Lifshin, LynAfter the Pewter Wind1021April, 2014
Lifshin, LynSeptember 26, 1996119May, 2014
Lifshin, LynWith You1111May, 2014
Lifshin, LynWhen They Banned Music1113May, 2014
Lockie, EllaraineBookworm923March, 2014
Lockie, EllaraineSo to Speak1032April, 2014
Lockie, EllaraineSpring in Silicon Valley117May, 2014
Mandell, Arlene L.Night Terrors125June, 2013
Mandell, Arlene L.Thorns220July, 2013
Mandell, Arlene L.Autumn Rhythm No. 30419October, 2013
Mandell, Arlene L.Like Brigitte77January, 2014
Mandell, Arlene L.Bessie's Legacy78January, 2014
Mandell, Arlene L.Kaleidoscope III1013April, 2014
Manning, SylviaSo-called34September, 2013
Manning, SylviaTritina: The Heron415October, 2013
Manning, SylviaWhen57November, 2013
Manning, SylviaTriolet65December, 2013
Manning, SylviaWhat I did was hang a star66December, 2013
Manning, SylviaWeider68December, 2013
Manning, SylviaSomewhere Between610December, 2013
Manning, SylviaTriolet: Why?711January, 2014
Manning, SylviaOh.  Hi.  Oh?712January, 2014
Manning, SylviaCette Vie, Louis834February, 2014
Manning, SylviaWhile You Were Out105April, 2014
McAnulla, ChuckMirror Image319September, 2013
Mitchell, IreneA Vague Unease724January, 2014
Mitchell, IreneDeep Attachment811February, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Evening Chores in Kansas727January, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.The Fish Eye926March, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Drilling for Oil1017April, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Mogollon Rim Fire1020April, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Blue Ballet with Overture1115May, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Painted Bunting1116May, 2014
Nelms, Sheryl L.Rusted Red Ford Pick-Up Truck Full of Turkeys…1118May, 2014
Penha, JamesLong Play14June, 2013
Penha, JamesAnd so the peach I describe224July, 2013
Penha, JamesButterfly Effects37September, 2013
Penha, JamesOrigami Poem410October, 2013
Penha, JamesTouchstones525November, 2013
Penha, JamesAnd This Year64December, 2013
Penha, JamesParanoise74January, 2014
Penha, JamesMarkers825February, 2014
Penha, JamesThe Teeth Behind the Sound Bite94March, 2014
Penha, JamesTwilight104April, 2014
Penha, JamesSnaking114May, 2014
Perchik, SimonHere was the chair, what's left122June, 2013
Perchik, SimonWhat did they underline, first to last418October, 2013
Perchik, SimonYou button from the bottom615December, 2013
Perchik, SimonA single page, barely room1014April, 2014
Rammelkamp, CharlesThe Past26July, 2013
Rammelkamp, CharlesSweet Fortune's Minions317September, 2013
Rammelkamp, CharlesThe Tea Party617December, 2013
Rammelkamp, CharlesLast of the Generation931March, 2014
Rammelkamp, CharlesJohn Wilkes Booth Tries to Impress Jodie Foster934March, 2014
Rammelkamp, CharlesBacon1038April, 2014
Rammelkamp, CharlesThere1119May, 2014
Rammelkamp, CharlesHe Adored Her1121May, 2014
Rielly, Edward J.Ourselves211July, 2013
Rielly, Edward J.Silent Pointing320September, 2013
Rielly, Edward J.Confusing You75January, 2014
Roby, MargoExtrication15June, 2013
Roby, MargoAll Consuming29July, 2013
Roby, MargoThe Shouting Valley48October, 2013
Roby, MargoEpitaph108April, 2014
Sexton, RexSleepwalking131June, 2013
Sexton, RexMirage28July, 2013
Sexton, RexThe Maestro312September, 2013
Sexton, RexThe Gift315September, 2013
Sexton, RexDownhill Racer422October, 2013
Sexton, RexPerdition516November, 2013
Sexton, RexValentine Rhyme814February, 2014
Sexton, RexHush920March, 2014
Sexton, RexConstant is the Rain1015April, 2014
Sexton, RexSunday1135May, 2014
Singer, RonFins436October, 2013
Singer, RonPlains Poet1036April, 2014
Smith, JackieAt First Glance44October, 2013
Smith, JackieThe Archivist922March, 2014
Smith, JackiePrimary Colors1010April, 2014
Spiegel, RichardWalking58November, 2013
Umans, Lindaself-portrait with someone watching218July, 2013
West, MaxWhat a peculiar flower you are17June, 2013
West, MaxI know it doesn't show217July, 2013
West, MaxArt Gallery322September, 2013
Wiggins, JeanAn Average Day127June, 2013
Wiggins, JeanOn Delos Island815February, 2014
Yurman, R.Afternoon: Third Week24July, 2013
Yurman, R.A Passing512November, 2013
Yurman, R.Poison Oak1132May, 2014
Zickgraf, CatherineAngakoq Chant1027April, 2014
Zickgraf, CatherineSaturniidae1136May, 2014