Volume 33


Brimm, Robert L.Life Is Good79January, 2013
Brimm, Robert L.Let the Play Begin920March, 2013
Brimm, Robert L.The Grasses Return1118May, 2013
Carroll, Lewisfrom The Mad Tea Party94March, 2013
Carroll, Lewisfrom The Mad Tea Party919March, 2013
Carroll, Lewisfrom The Mad Tea Party
932March, 2013
Catlin, AlanCormorants in the Sound112June, 2012
Catlin, AlanBlock Island Dusk: Three Views114June, 2012
Catlin, AlanJapanese Still Life: Block Island115June, 2012
Catlin, AlanThe Dogs on the Beach1135May, 2013
Chorlton, DavidObservations from the Daily Walk74January, 2013
Chorlton, DavidThe Texas Eagle1010April, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamSecret Song119June, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamTurtles24July, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamYour Lib of Sight321September, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamTime Passes Still411October, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamWild Birds56November, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamDancer59November, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamMagpies66December, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamBusker69December, 2012
Corner Clarke, WilliamSquirrels104April, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamDefence of the Queen106April, 2013
Corner Clarke, WilliamBoris and Me1112May, 2013
Darwin, Charlesfrom Difficulties on Theory84February, 2013
Darwin, Charlesfrom Difficulties on Theory811February, 2013
Darwin, Charlesfrom Difficulties on Theory828February, 2013
Erickson, Mary BelardiPet Store Turtle226July, 2012
Erickson, Mary BelardiThe Win1034April, 2013
Erickson, Mary BelardiLet Rocks Speak1131May, 2013
Evans, LeeOne eye, two eyes78January, 2013
Evans, LeeFood, warmth, shelter85February, 2013
Evans, LeeThat was no March Hare95March, 2013
Evans, LeeThat looks suspiciously like a graveyard109April, 2013
Evans, LeeMayday, Mayday1130May, 2013
Fehler, GeneWhat I Think of Rabbits910March, 2013
Fehler, GeneGarden Guest912March, 2013
Fehler, GeneThe Rabbit in the Garden914March, 2013
Fehler, GeneThe Rabbit and the Pea: A Modern Fable915March, 2013
Gardner, DonaldDifficult719January, 2013
Glenn, MelKendra Hawkins87February, 2013
Glenn, MelLouie Leaves1120May, 2013
Glenn, MelDog Park1122May, 2013
Held, GeorgeSpring rain118June, 2012
Held, GeorgeTurtle Stamp224July, 2012
Hogan, WayneThe Found Poem14June, 2012
Hogan, WayneWhy It Is That When Poets Travel15June, 2012
Hogan, WaynePigeons Here in Bryant Park17June, 2012
Hogan, WayneNot the Turtle28July, 2012
Hogan, WayneAs47October, 2012
Hogan, WaynePerformance Poet517November, 2012
Hogan, WayneThe Demonization of the Working Birds612December, 2012
Hogan, WayneFourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird615December, 2012
Hogan, WayneA Day in the Life of a Ceramic Cat717January, 2013
Hogan, WayneThe Day and the Dog818February, 2013
Hogan, WayneDogs820February, 2013
Hogan, WayneThe Dead Dog822February, 2013
Hogan, WayneWhere Giraffes Go on Vacation924March, 2013
Hogan, WayneThis Country I'm Talking About927March, 2013
Hogan, WayneYou Are Urged to be an American930March, 2013
Hogan, WayneNew and Selected Concoctions1016April, 2013
Hogan, WayneFirefly on the Staten Island Ferry1018April, 2013
Hogan, WayneOn Being Informed About Possums1020April, 2013
Hogan, WayneThe Green Dog1136May, 2013
Hogan, WayneGerald the Dog1138May, 2013
Hogan, WayneThe Dog1140May, 2013
Hogan, WayneNote to a Young Son1143May, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonFlamingo18June, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonDream, with Chinchillas312September, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonLeft-Pawed, She Runs Amok In a Maze313September, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonNews of the Neighbors416October, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonA Poem for Mr. Friday, and Obliquely Dorothy and Tom417October, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonCat (for Isabel)419October, 2012
Kempher, Ruth Moon6 or 7 Ways of Looking at a Parrot620December, 2012
Kempher, Ruth MoonRabbit, In Morning FogÉ922March, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonClassic American (Florida Cracker) Birdbath1021April, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonThe Squirrel Artist's Agenda -- Notes1023April, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonSquirrel1024April, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonDiagram #23: Jeopardy/Pine Tree1025April, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonSadie My Hound1128May, 2013
Kempher, Ruth MoonMolly1129May, 2013
Kidde, KayCat Nap49October, 2012
Knight, Arthur WinfieldThe Bridge114May, 2013
Knight, Arthur WinfieldI Hope She's Winning115May, 2013
Knight, KitNikki Has -- sort of -- Come Home824February, 2013
Knight, KitThe Empty Slippers118May, 2013
Laforce, Moniquewhen hens get teeth220July, 2012
Laforce, MoniqueStrange Species414October, 2012
Laforce, MoniqueLike a Bird on the Wire . . . Leonard Cohen628December, 2012
Lause, SeanWhat the Cockatiel Sees64December, 2012
Lev, DonaldStrange Movements631December, 2012
Lev, DonaldAesthetic632December, 2012
Lev, DonaldThe Great Screen634December, 2012
Lev, DonaldDestiny712January, 2013
Mandell, ArlenePoetic Advice About Birds and Other Things111June, 2012
Mandell, ArleneWhite Cat, Snowbank44October, 2012
Mandell, ArleneMy Great Gatsby711January, 2013
Mandell, ArleneHis Final Season1119May, 2013
Manning, SylviaLittle (personal) essay with no epigraph215July, 2012
Manning, SylviaWaiting218July, 2012
Manning, Sylviadream, my brother315September, 2012
Manning, SylviaUntil We Meet Again317September, 2012
Manning, SylviaThe Truth Will Set You Free320September, 2012
Manning, SylviaA Loony Winter Gift for You622December, 2012
Manning, SylviaQuel Bec, Mon Ami de QuŽbec?624December, 2012
Manning, SylviaBack at Campsite627December, 2012
Manning, SylviaWeavers Knot96March, 2013
Manning, SylviaIn this house you helped build as a boy1027April, 2013
Manning, Sylviaand now abouit the squirrels who died1030April, 2013
Manning, SylviaThe Squirrel's Tree1032April, 2013
Manning, SylviaLucy the Dog1124May, 2013
Manning, SylviaNo mention of a little dog.1126May, 2013
Mitchell, FeliciaWhat Gerbils Do With a Poem325September, 2012
Nelms, Sheryl LGreat Cormorant122June, 2012
Nelms, Sheryl LCanning Tomatoes29July, 2012
Nelms, Sheryl Lin the sharpening1014April, 2013
Nelms, Sheryl LTreein' One1110May, 2013
Nelms, Sheryl LDog1111May, 2013
Penha, JamesAncient Brothers221July, 2012
Penha, JamesRabbits Are Not Always38September, 2012
Penha, JamesFamily Recipe54November, 2012
Penha, JamesLate Autumn? In Java   a Little Latitude Please619December, 2012
Penha, JamesBest Friends1147May, 2013
Perchik, SimonLost323September, 2012
Roberts, BillSeeking To Be A Star310September, 2012
Roberts, BillMarriage, the Opera46October, 2012
Roberts, BillCombustibles514November, 2012
Roby, MargoRice Fields116June, 2012
Roby, MargoDesert Jousters212July, 2012
Roby, MargoWhat To Do If You Have a Chinchilla34September, 2012
Roby, MargoWild Turkey515November, 2012
Roby, MargoThe Red Macaw617December, 2012
Roby, MargoHome Grown713January, 2013
Roby, MargoLion Dog1146May, 2013
Sexton, RexThe Dance120June, 2012
Sexton, RexStormy Night213July, 2012
Sexton, RexNo Place Like Home36September, 2012
Sexton, RexTable for Two45October, 2012
Sexton, RexOnce Upon a Time512November, 2012
Sexton, RexSunrise1117May, 2013
Singer, RonConnecting89February, 2013
Singer, RonLocal Color812February, 2013
Spiegel, RichardRabbit, Rabbit97March, 2013
Whitman, NealAigrette - Plumed Beauty110June, 2012
Yuan, ChangmingNatural Confrontations519November, 2012
Yuan, ChangmingEcho522November, 2012
Yuan, ChangmingL.O.V.E.: The Origin of Letters523November, 2012
Yuan, ChangmingValentine Gift86February, 2013