Maria Santana
My Best Friend
A great person
Missed when absent
Always there when needed
Morado is her favorite color
Of course it is in Spanish (the color).
Loved by many people.
Excellent poet.
José is the guy she loves.
On the month of love she was born (February).
Successful, she will triumph in her future.

Boston Red Sox
Trot Nixon
Oh, my

The Meaning of Life with Laughs
Life is one.
Life is interesting.
Life is a mystery that needs to be resolved.
Life is fun, sometimes sad.
People think it’s a waste of time.
Life is great, especially when we
laugh (don’t you ever change that).
Laugh whenever you can.
By laughing we make the world a better place.
Don’t forget that life is only one
and we need to make it fun.
If you smile at me
I will never forget who you are!

Music is like my soul —
till death  won’t let it go.
Music is the light to my goal.
Even if music never existed
I would know there was something wrong.
Taking music away from me
is like taking a loved one.
Music is an addiction in my life
and I will never let it go.
I won’t ever forget it
if I were brainwashed
so deep
I would be dancing in a coma.

As I look into your eyes
I see all the reasons why
I would never want to die.
You’re the purest love I’ve known
and the greatest one I’ll own
therefore you’ll never be alone.
I will catch you if you fall.
I will be there if you call.
Because I love you and
you’re the greatest love of all.
Even though these words are true
they still seem to capture you.
The most lovable, huggable,
and most admirable woman
on the face of the universe.
That’s why if you let me get with you
I would be considered the luckiest man
on the face of the Earth.

As I Grow
I see a real meaning in life.
Life is about having something to do.
As I grow, my mind expands
to the system we live in.
But, inside of me religion, family
and friends are just part of life.
Exploration is my desire but not
from books or information given,
yet from the human mind and feelings.
People say once you love yourself,
you can love everyone.
That is a lie to me
because other people
like your family and friends
create you as your mother bore you.
“Seek a mystery and find no more.”

Life or Something Like It
What is life?
Can life make
everything possible?
because it’s
life or something
like it.
Why must life
be filled with
so much fear
and problems?
Life or something
like it.
Life can be taken
away from you
like a star flashing
in the sky.
And, in an instant,
because it’s
life or something
like it
Life is filled with
violence, poverty
and disease.
Is this the meaning
of life?
Yes, it may be a
lie to you, but
to others it’s the reality
of life or
something like it.

Love is an emotion.
Love is passion.
Love is a feeling.
Love is caring.
Love is sharing.
Love is happiness.
Love is sadness.
Love is a secret.
If I loved
I wouldn’t hate.

I am always alone.
I tried to scream out
to my parents,
but they were never there.
Is that what my life is about?
I might as well kill myself
instead of living in doubt.
I have no friends.
I just want to bring my
entire life down to an end.
Why me?  How come I
don’t have friends to hold
and love me?
I am always sitting
standing, staring, eating
hanging alone.
that is what describes me.

I Feel Happy
I feel happy ‘cause
the sun is out.
I feel happy ‘cause
my friends are around.
I feel happy ‘cause
my day seems to be
peaceful with no worries
in my soul.  But, still
sad ‘cause I can’t
share my happiness
with those whose empty
souls give no shine to their faces.
Turn the light from the darkness
to make my day happy
which would make everybody happy.
That’s why I feel happy.

Thousand Miles
If I could walk a thousand miles
just to see you again...
If I could walk a thousand miles
for us just to meet again...
If I could walk a thousand miles
just to see you tonight...
If I could walk a thousand miles
so we could be together, forever...
If I could just spend all my life with you
I would be the happiest man in the world.

My Mother
My mother is the biggest thing for me
my best friend, my everything.
The wind is like a good breath
like my mother hugging me.
My mother is the cloth that
I wear when I’m cold.

Your mind speaks.
Your eyes tell me
what I read.
Don’t listen to me, but to yourself.
Don’t see the past, but what’s to come.
Don’t keep me away, but embrace my heart
Your senses speak your mind,
but your heart belongs with mine.