In the Summer I Show Myself

Richard Spiegel and Barbara Fisher
Thomas Perry
Admirable Factotum

Louis Reyes Rivera, Poet in Residence
Olga Mejía Glenn, Poetry for Life—Literacy
Workshop Coordinator
Warren Adams, Gary Mauro, Rebecca Langan,
Rosanna Rodríguez, Jenny Gacetas, Teachers
Francesca Peña, Principal
School of International Business and Finance
George Washington Campus
Lawrence Block, Superintendent
The Chancellor’s District
June, 2002
Funding support from The New York State Council
on the Arts, The Office of Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs
(Richard Organisciak, Superintendent)

Blue  4
Black  4
Thoughts  5-6
Life Is Death  6
Let’s Just Be Friends  7
Say You Love Me  8
How Could I? 8-9
Haters  9
Souls Die . . .  10-11
What If I Could Be? 11-12
My Girl  12
My Best Friend  13
Boston Red Sox  14
The Meaning . . . 14-15
Music  15
Love  16
As I Grow  17
Life . . . 18-19
Love  19
Alone  20
I Feel Happy  21
Thousand Miles  22
My Mother  22
Senses  23
Blue is the sky.
Blue is the ocean.
Blue is my spirit,
my shadow,
my death,
and my rise.
Blue is everything.
Blue is opposite of black,
red, white, and yellow.
Blue is the light.
Blue is love.

Black on my right foot
in my middle finger
that is what defines me, describes me,
takes me apart, makes me unique,
makes me who I am, gives me rhythm.
In the summer I show myself, I come
apart, I signify. I dance around, I make a style.
My pretty black, that is
what I am all about.

If you read my lips,
tell me what you hear.
If you had my sight,
tell me what you see.
If you had my mouth,
tell me what you’d speak.
If you just had a bit of me,
I would change your life for real.
No matter what you say.
It’ll always be you and me.
If you had my hands,
tell me what you would touch.
If you had my legs,
where would you go?
I would touch your heart,
so vivid and soft.
In the nights of mysteries
that we would search
a cruel touch of your hate
would wake me up.
If only you would let me
show you what I am,
maybe I could tell you
who I am.
If only you would give me
a little bit of you.
Maybe I could show you
the spell I’m on,
the spell your love sends me to.
And, only would I go to you,
because no one knows me like you do.
No one loves me how you do.
No one in this world would ever do.

Life Is Death
Life is something very special
because of life we’re here
and if life didn’t exist, nothing would
Life is the meaning of everything
And if life didn’t have a meaning
then what should?
Death is also special
because death makes us depressed
And death is the one that
makes even more become
Life is nothing without death
and death wouldn’t exist if
it wasn’t for life.
Life is Death.

Let’s Just Be Friends
Let’s just be friends.
I never want to hear those
4 words from you,
because I just don’t know
what I might do.

Let’s just be friends.
I don’t want to hear those 4 words
from you, ‘cause if you go
you just might take my soul with you.

Let’s just be friends
No, no, no —
you can’t say those words
to me ‘cause if you do
you are going to take my heart
from me too.

Say You Love Me
Say you love me.
Say you love me.
Say that you will
always be true.
Say that you will always be there.
Tell me that you will never say,
“Let’s just be friends.”
But, tell me that you
will always love me.
Say that you will never
lie to me because
I just might die.

How Could I?
How could I fall in love
with someone like u?
So many girls that u can have,
how will you ever see that I’m alive?
I just want to tell u how I feel,
but just can’t find the words inside
to say I care.
And it’s even harder when I want
to say that I love you,
‘cause u might think it’s not true.
But, for real,
it’s very true and dear.

I hate the haters
because they always
got to be the ones
to say something.
They try to act like
they are real but
when it’s the time
to come and step
up in your face
they don’t got the balls
to say what they got to say.

Souls Die Without the Feeling of Nature
For many years I wandered
lonely as a cloud.
I saw as a corpse in the ground
yet I felt the wind whispering
in my deaf left ear.
Trees called, “It’s time!”
The jungle opened as wide as
a shark eating its prey.
Many lost souls went at the
whisper of the wind.
Yet, that one corpse stayed.
Why?  The waves beside them
danced as broken records.
“Rainbow,” they called, “Rainbow.”
But that one corpse found
the meaning of nature.
Yet the others didn’t.
Nature was a target
but wanted, needed and even
envied by so many lost souls.
But the one soul seemed to
stay the same level of nature.

A poem describes how I think I am.  It explains a part of me.  Demonstrates who I see in me.  Nature is incredible and I really enjoy viewing and studying how it can destroy yet maintain so stunningly.  Nature is unique in many ways

What If I Could Be?
I would be air —
never be conquered or eliminated.
I would be a disease within every human being —
bring them chaos and pain,
make a person wish
he/she was never born.
Who am I?
The air and I blow you away.
I feel like it.
Try to destroy me and die.
Love me and live.
Conquer me!
Don’t worship me!
But respect who I am.
“Hello to all,” and to all, “a good night.”
No!  No!  No!
And you thought it was over blood.
Blood I would spill.
Pain, you would endure.
So respect who I am.
Don’t love me,
yet know that I shall last
for an eternity.

My Girl
I love you.
I miss you.
I want to kiss you.
I know you love me,
but I’m shy and that’s
how you know me.
I was so stupid,
because you loved me
and I lost you.
I’m sorry for what happened,
but it’s my life
and now I feel lonely.