Zionanna Ford

Love is a word that people often use.
Some people say it, but often get confused.
Love is a feeling that gets you warm inside.
It's a feeling that you can't hide.
Love is something that is here and there.
Baby love is everywhere.
Can't you feel it deep inside?
I know you feel it.
I can see it in your eyes.
So, let it flow.
Don't hold back.
I can feel it coming like a train down
the A line fast and smooth real quick.
Come on, baby let’s lock lips.

Where I rest my head
My place is cool, so I think.
The water is always dripping,
messing up my floor.
I have to use a chair to
hold up my door.
Throwing a rock at my window
is ringing my bell.
Bars at my window like I'm in jail.
Heat isn't on,
so I love the summer time.
I hate to bring friends over;
the roaches are the first ones they meet.
Walking on my floor,
all you hear is creep.
You want to use the bathroom?
Pick a pail.
Come on let's eat.
Don't mind the bad smell.
You may not like my place,
but so what?  It's mine.