Why are you watching me?
You watch me everyday as if I can't tell time.
I know what the time says.
It's a quarter past nine.
I thought you were watching me
because I was fine
but I realized that
you were only trying to tell me the time.


To be straightforward is being real not mumbling under your breath and sealing the deal.
Straight forward is being honest and standing up speaking what you feel and not giving a #@!%.
People say what they want no matter who's listening — no matter the birds or the clucking pigeons.


Stress comes from all the trifling girls that think they own the world.
Stress comes from hate, but all they have to do is participate.
Stress free that ain't me!
Why do $!#@% cause stress?  
They cause stress because they won't say the things that they need to get off their chest.
Why do girls stress me and my friends?
Maybe because them chicks don't have any friends.
Girls stress me because I'm pretty and funny or maybe it's because of my man; and he stays with money.
Stress free that ain't me!


What makes me happy is when I'm alone chillin', relaxing and talking on the phone.
What makes me happy is when I'm in the bed being with the person that I love instead.
What else makes me happy is when I have money so I can go shopping and flirt with the honeys


What fills me with cheer is money and the person that I love dear.
What fills me with cheer is when my friends are around so we can go do things around town.
What fills me with cheer are the gifts that I receive any day of the year.


Envy is something that girls have for each other no matter what they're wearing or the color.
Envy is not cute especially in girls who have no loot.
Envy is wasting time to chickens with no morals and minds.
Envy is bad when it's over a boy, especially when he's not cute and unemployed.
Envy is a bad thing when you’re out with your friends.
Envy is a bad thing when you're riding in a Benz.
Jealousy and envy are nothing but a bitch, especially to those hoes with loose lips and hips, who like to strip in bars on 42nd that get no tips.
Envy is nothing but hate especially to those chicks without any mate.

Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who do you love best of all?  I hope it’s me because I'm like no other.  I look better than my mother.
Mirror, mirror, why do you shine at me the best? When I'm sad and blue I then turn to you and you take away all my stress.
Mirror, why do you look at me that way?  You look at me because I'm the best and I know I'm the better than the rest.  Your shine always beams on my face.  You shine on me because I'm not a waste.  I enjoy your shine.  It makes me feel confident and you blow my mind.
When I look in the mirror I enjoy what I see.  I enjoy watching the beautiful me and only me.  Not the person that tries to resemble me