Roxanne Williams

I am a little girl
named Marie.
My parents are
brave warriors.
My mother has
brown hair and
blues eyes.
My father has
black hair
brown eyes and
sweet lips.
I hear the joy of
It smells wonderful.
It is also beautiful
to look at,
like being able to
hug my sister
and dance around
with joy.
I'm afraid of going
back the way it used to be,
being afraid of not
going out,
being locked up,
hiding for so long.
The day when the war
people being shot,
bodies everywhere,
the streets were covered with
people's blood.
The war is over.
Right now
my body feels
like a bird
being able to fly

The sky color
with all different
shades of colors
in the wind.
Sun hot like fire
causing panting to
Chestnuts roasting
on an open fire.
Glass window.
Hot by the touch.
The rainbow
sparkles like a
For me, just smelling the fresh air
me warm all over.

Dear D.D.,
How I cry every night hoping
and dreaming you will come home.
My eyes cry until I cry blood,
fevered with willingness,
fear with pain,
cold with emptiness,
looking into the darkness,
seeing nothing.
It's dark and very quiet,
not a tree, bird, or a stray.
The water is quiet like a mouse.
The wind makes no sound
like I'm in a different world.