Riann B Winchester

As I press the button on the elevator, two persons are confused about the floors.
I fuss about the smell of cigarettes and a high perfume.
The floors as I approach were just the same, with a glass door and people rushing to get in.
A long time ago it was quite different, with loud songs echoing from door to door.
Different music, a different smell, lots of friendly people with the time to say, “Hi.”
A run down building with old folks, and gangster boys running away from the cops .
A different smell because it's a different day.
Weed is the new scent of the day.

I see lots of different cultures, and two little girls speaking a language I can’t understand.
They greet me with a smile and they found the time to say, “Hi.”

I Am a Mermaid
I am a mermaid my tail is green with moss.
My hair is dry and wrinkles when it hits the sun.
Make me a human but not for long.
I am a mermaid who longs for someone.
Hear my cry if you may.
But, stop wishing to catch me someday.