Patrice Credle

I Am (Who I Am)
I am Patrice Monae Credle
I am tall and slim with beautiful brown skin
I am me, all of who I am and will ever be
I am talkative and sometimes shy
Why? Why am I shy?
That's who I am and I am who I am
I am smart and intelligent
I am attitude and rude
I am who I am so I make my own rules
I am a leader not a follower
I am who I am and that's why I envy her
Who, her?
That her is me
The person I am and will always be....

I'm the real deal like Holyfield
A millennium 2000 chick like Lauryn Hill
And the first lady like the wife of Bill
As you stand amazed in a daze
Watching me stand in Diva Mode
I suppose you're sold off
To the sexiness of my pose
Me looking pretty like a red rose
Dreaming of romance
Only if I give you a chance
I'm that chick badder than Shaft
With sexiness and sass to last
I am the Pam Grier, the Foxy Brown
Now you're looking me up and down
Making unheard sounds in your head
Probably picturing me naked in your bed
Yeah, that's what I said!
Now you're stuck figuring out
How I got you physically whipped like cream
While I'm posing like I was "Beauty of the Week"
In Jet Magazine
Now who's the boss
Turning you upside down like Diana Ross
No Doubt
I am the Phenomenal woman
Maya Angelou was writing about...

Body Language
You see me walking past
All I am to you is another piece of @$$
Looking into my eyes
Now searching for my thighs
Staring at my kitty print
Got your mouth watering
As if you were eating a peppermint
Ready to experiment
No, no my love you can't get me like that
Because all your talk is cheap
And that game of yours is whack
Yes, yes my love take it back
Save it for a rainy day
Or for someone who cares
Like your men, associates, my love all your friends