Marrisa Cobb

Things that make me happy.
Having no homework.
Having no school.
People not being in my face all the time.
Sleeping when I had a hard day at work.
Going for a thrilling ride.
Having the house to myself.
Not having a baby of my own.
That's what makes me happy.
Listening to Ja Rule, DMX, and Jay-Z.
Eating till I can't eat no more.
Seeing my grandma in a good mood.
Seeing my father in a good mood.

215 Inside and out.
Outside 215 is dirty, boring, and never fun.
Crack heads always around, gun shot, Bloods, Crips.
But not that many Crips.  
Cats and dogs, but not that many dogs.  
But, there are a lot of haters.
3 floors inside 215.  
Years ago the 3 floor was nice and clean.
Now it's just like the outside, but there's no dogs or Crips inside.
Now it smells real bad, like there are dead bodies up there.
2 apartments up there’s one apartment full of crack heads the other full of nothing.
2nd floor is full of evil.
Old lady never happy only when you have food; then she tells you to leave.
People she lives with young, but they think they are grown.
2nd floor is just one apartment.
6 rooms inside.  All rooms full of stuff that's been there since 1970's.
1st floor is nothing but music playing all day every day.
2 apartments, one apartment always asking to get something the other never wanting to give it away.
In all that’s 215 inside and out for you.