Lamarri Stephens

Window guards on every floor,
brightness of the red brings this out to everyone.
The steps are short.  The white is bright.
Everyone could see at night.
There are three bedrooms on the top.
This would be a good view for a cop.
The fire escape is at the back with chipping paint.
The color used to be black.
8 years ago it was different.
I had some grimy tenants.
They had to get evicted, 'cause they didn't pay the rent, kid.
So many problems, can't even solve them.
Now everything's changed.
Got new paint and pipes installed in my place.
Only one tenant.  
The worries are now ended.
The night darkens.  My love is barking.
Time to make it happen, I was outside scrapping.
So many frauds, so I am tall.
I make the most out of a gigantic world.