Kimberly Cumberbatch

I am
I am  a river of overflowing thoughts, with wisdom of a thousand years.
I am a new day bringing love and hope upon the Earth.
I am a black diamond shining in the hot African sun.
I am the present, past, and the future all wrapped up in one.
I am woman, mother, and child.
I am life.

Sometimes I Wonder Whether You Love Me Or Not
Sometimes I hate you so much.
You never do what I want you to do when I want you do it.
Why is that?
You know you're not the only living thing in the world.
Other things have to live and grow.
I can't make the day according to your emotions.

I understand that, but sometimes you look deep inside my soul and give me the most beautiful days.
Like last week, Wednesday, when you gave me nothing but rain.
You know I really loved that.
You know that day was not just for your pleasure.
Myself, the moon and your soul must have aligned that day and created the atmosphere you wanted.
Thank you very much.
I loved that day.
The rain on my skin was softer than anything I ever touched.

You see the same way I brought you that feeling that day I have to make sure I do that for every living thing.
All of God's children receive their day.
Don't be so selfish.
We will all align again very soon.

This can't be us

My young child can't you see you've turned out to be what
they want to see.
Young with a child, to them another teen running wild.
But that's not you.  That's not us.  I see your hurt and feel your pain, but through all the rain and clouds like the sun you'll still shine through.
If you just allow us to come together as one, trust me we can help you.

I see you out there doing your thing, killing our people and think of it as nothing.
My king, please understand me this can't be us.
You say you hate me.  You call me a bitch.
You say I am worthless, that I’m not good for $#!*.
I am supposed to be your black queen, your shining star.

My youngest of them all, the young prince and princess of the earth, you’re not alone.  We feel your hurt.
I hear your cry's, and every time you kill one another a part of you dies.
We must understand that this can't be us.  Come take my hand and let us become one and make a unified bond to bring forth love and make that our life.  That can be us.