Eric Garner

Things That Make Me Happy When I'm Mad
When I'm mad and things don't seen funny
   to brighten things up you can give me money.
Sometimes when I'm mad
   once and so often a surprise can make me glad.
When I'm angry people like to brag
   to give me some candy I won't be mad.

Why do you do this with your conniving ways?
You'll never start on snowy or rainy days and you run good whenever it’s sunny.
Whenever you are a good boy I buy you gas to make you run.
But, when you act up you refuse to listen.
You blame it on the transmission.
But, don't worry I'm saving bucks to buy a 2002 brand new truck.
You nag and complain and blame me for the hassles.
When you and your wife dirty me up, not to mention those little rascals;
And when you don't warm me up, the key you have, I wish you’d lose it.
This is payback for all the loud music.
And you don't clean me, besides you suck.
I'll even help you find a new truck.