Trust is something that's from the heart.
If it is not in a relationship then it shouldn't even start.
Trust is something we like to see.
I can't trust you if you don't trust me.
Trust is something that comes from above.
Without trust there can't be any love.
Trust is something that you don't throw around.
Plant it only on fertile ground.
Trust is something we like to show.
It secures us from things we don't even know.
Trust makes us feel safe and sound, even if
the ones we trust are not around.
Trust is something that comes from within.
It's something we can't do without.
I trust you and you trust me.
That's what trust is about to me.

Can love be shown if love were never known?
Could it be denied if it were never tried?
Could love be just if there were no love?
Could it be real if we didn't feel?
Would love die if we couldn't cry?  
Would it last if we said goodbye?
Could love live if we didn't give?
Could it be expressed if no one would confess?
Can it be protected if it's not respected?